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Carers and supporters play a helpful and important role ensuring the person using Healthy Mind can get the most out of it. Being available and present while the person you support is working on the Healthy Mind program is recommended. Carers and supporters can be family members, friends, support staff, health professionals or others.
It is recommended that you use Healthy Mind in Chrome, Edge or Fire Fox.
Healthy Mind is not fully supported in Internet Explorer.

Healthy Mind is an Easy Read mental health tool for people with mild to borderline intellectual disability. Healthy Mind can be accessed for free and without the need to register. It consists of five structured learning topics that apply proven strategies used by doctors and psychologists.

Healthy Mind learning topics include:

  • Breathe and relax
  • Managing unhelpful thinking
  • Having more fun
  • Taming anger
  • Recognising Feelings

Healthy Mind can:

  • provide treatment and support where face-to-face therapy is not available or accessible.
  • be used in conjunction with face-to-face therapy by providing a supplementary level of support
  • be accessed at any time providing information and skills when required.

Note: if the person you support has a serious mental health condition or is in crisis, medical advice should be sought from a doctor or a mental health care professional.

Healthy Mind is for people with mild to borderline intellectual disability who may also be experiencing mild to moderate depression, anxiety and/or stress. Healthy Mind can also be helpful for sustaining and building good mental health.

Healthy Mind can be a great way to facilitate a conversation about mental health. When you see the talking icon, there will be some suggested talking points relevant to the module topic. Talking points are optional and the decision to have a conversation should lie with the person you are supporting.

Each topic is supported by a worksheet that can be printed from the Resources page. These resources supplement the learning topics and allow the person to reflect and practice what they have learned away from the computer.

Some activities within Healthy Mind can be printed off to reflect on away from the computer. If you are not connected to a printer, reassure the person you are working with that this feature is not a requirement. The person could also use a pen and paper to write down what they have learned.

At the end of each topic, the person using Healthy Mind will be prompted to keep track of their progress using the Healthy Mind progress sheet. This will also help the person remember where they are up to in the program. This can be printed off from the Resources page.

Tips to assist a person progress through the learning topics:
  • help them to choose a time and space where they will not be interrupted.
  • take advantage of the downloadable worksheets and progress sheets by printing them out.
  • give the person the time and space to reflect on the activities and make their own decisions and give their own answers. Listen to answers without judgement.
  • help the person to understand what is being asked and how to navigate the page if necessary.
  • help the person compose and type in answers to interactive questions.

Healthy Mind learning topics can be completed at a speed that is comfortable to the person but generally take around ten to fifteen minutes to complete.

Each learning topic contains the following structure:

  • Learn about it
  • Watch it
  • Do it

Topics can be accessed in any order depending on the person’s needs and interests.

People may wish to come back and use parts of the program they would like to continue practising or those that they found most helpful.